Manufacturing in Mexico

Manufacturing in Mexico

Manufacturing in Mexico has never been easier than with Border Assembly Inc.’s shelter service program, client friendly and fine-tuned after decades of development. If you’re tired of dwindling profits due to overregulation, exorbitant worker’s comp, and burgeoning property taxes and lease rates, perhaps manufacturing in Mexico is worth taking the time to explore.

And if you decide manufacturing in Mexico is right for producing your products, we’re sure Tijuana offers the best logistical advantages, and Border Assembly’s shelter service can help you make the transition quickly, easily, and with minimal start-up costs.

Once up and going, you can expect to cut your labor costs by half or more. How would that impact your bottom line? Skilled, conscientious, and highly productive employees will build or assemble your product in Tijuana, which is the best location in Mexico and globally, for servicing United States and Pacific Rim markets.

In fact, Tijuana’s maquiladora industry is so successful, it has become the television-making capital of the world, and hundreds of other products, from fiber optics and silicon chips to sporting goods and toys, are produced there in a volume and quality that rivals any manufacturing center in the world.

Is manufacturing in Mexico the best bet for your manufacturing needs? See how much you can save with a free cost estimate.

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We can show you why manufacturing in Tijuana far exceeds other options in Mexico (and China as well).

The first step, if necessary, is learning how a shelter service program or maquiladora works.

Next you’ll need to know how Border Assembly can help your company get up and going in Tijuana quickly and inexpensively.

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Border Assembly has helped scores of companies establish manufacturing in Mexico through its corporate shelter program.

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