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printersCost Savings Estimate

Contract manufacturing is a route some companies explore in Mexico or Asia, but it can’t rival the multitude of benefits offered by the Tecma Group of Companies Mexico Shelter Services Program in Tijuana and Juarez. Successful manufacturing requires careful management of production  ioutput and quality, and contract manufacturing isn’t always the best choice for maintaining this control. We invite you to explore the options available.

We would be happy to provide you with a cost savings estimate based on your specific manufacturing needs. Click Here, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible. We’re also available to come to you and give a detailed presentation on our services, the pros and cons of contract manufacturing, establishing a maquiladora yourself, and our Mexico Shelter Services Program.

Just a short drive from our San Diego, California offices or El Paso, Texas, we’d be glad to show you some of our maquiladoras in Tijuana or Juarez as well. Our goal is to keep things simple, professional, and as profitable for our clients as possible. Thanks in advance for your interest in manufacturing in Mexico.

To request a savings estimate, we will guide you to our Master Website Estimate Form at  Simply click this link:  Savings Estimate