FAQ – Mexico Shelter Services

What is Mexico Shelter Services Program?

A Mexico Shelter Services program, administered by  The Tecma Group of Companies, is a service business for manufacturing or assembly operations. The corporate shelter firm handles all of the client firm’s permitting and licensing , regulatory compliance, administration, staffing, legal issues, and facility leasing. The client firm provides equipment, expertise and materials for making or assembling its product. The corporate shelter firm does all of the rest.  Tecma companies charge an hourly fee that covers payroll and service charges, which combined, still come out to less than half of what you’re paying now for labor costs.  Click on our CONTACT US button at the top and we will discuss your situation and help educate you with an informative webinar.

What is a maquiladora?

Governed under special provisions by Mexican law allowing import and export of materials and finished products tariff-free, a maquiladora is an American or foreign-owned factory in Mexico subject to these rules and exemptions.

How long does it typically take to establish a maquiladora?

Depending on the specific requirements of the manufacturing operation, anywhere between four weeks and a couple of months or more. The average time it takes to establish a Mexican corporate shelter for clients is six weeks, and in many cases, it only takes four.

Can I expect the same quality standards as in the U.S.?

Absolutely. There’s a reason more televisions are produced in Tijuana than any other location in the world. Tijuana and Juarez also pump out an impressive number of fiber-optics, computer components, electronics, and automobile parts. In addition to fastidious, responsible line workers, San Diego’s sister city has a substantial, expanding pool of designers, engineers and manufacturing professionals.

Can opening a manufacturing operation in Mexico really be simple?

Utilizing the corporate shelter program, yes! Tecma does the work, your start-up costs are minimized, and once going, you maintain complete control of production quality.

Aren’t maquiladoras “sweatshops?”

Some could be, just like scores of manufacturing operations in the U.S. and other countries. But Tecma operations are ethical, its employees well-paid, they get nice benefit packages, and work in clean, healthy environments. It’s simply unfair to label all maquiladoras sweatshops. Tecma’s factories are well managed, and employees are treated fairly. We invite you to visit and see for yourself!

Why is manufacturing in Tijuana or Juarez more cost-effective?

Lower real estate costs, lower cost of living, and a government with laws and policies that favor business help keep manufacturing costs low in Mexico.

Are there other ways to manufacture in Tijuana?

Yes. You can hire a contract manufacturer, if you’re lucky enough to find a reliable one. You may also do it yourself, but you’ll spend loads of money, have to hire lots of consultants, and it may take years before you’re up and going. A Mexican corporate shelter is by far the easiest, quickest, and most reliable way to manufacture in Mexico.

What makes manufacturing in Tijuana, Mexico a better option than manufacturing in Asia?

No matter where you are in the United States, Tijuana and Juarez are only a few hours away by plane. This close proximity allows you to easily (and inexpensively) visit your operation as often you like to check on production and enjoy the climate and multitude of things to do in the region. Once produced, your manufactured or assembled goods are in an excellent location for easy, cost-effective shipping to U.S. and Pacific Rim markets. Using Tecmaand its corporate shelter program, you deal with an American firm on American soil and don’t leave production or distribution to chance as you may when manufacturing in Asia or other offshore location.

Why hire The Tecma Group of Companies?

That’s an easy one… Experience. We’ve been in the business for over 31 years in Tijuana and Juarez.

Is a Maquiladora in Mexico or Juarez recommended for any type of manufacturing?

Tijuana and Juarez are best for labor-intensive operations. If payroll accounts for 15% or more of your production overhead, you can save at least 50% on labor costs and should consider the maquiladora option.

If you want to find out if Tecma’s Mexico Shelter Services program in Tijuana or Juarez is right for your company, click here to request a contact or give us a call at 915-534-4252. And don’t forget to ask for a free cost estimate. Thanks for visiting. We look forward to hearing from you.